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Chemistry is a very important subject in academic and college education. Students, who wish to enter in engineering or science stream, will have to pass a chemistry paper in the entrance exams, Also, students, who wish to make a career in Physics or science, should also practice Chemistry. These Chemistry papers have been designed for all types of Chemistry exams.

There is a Chemistry paper in the engineering syllabus also. Engineering 1st year students can also practice these Chemistry mock tests for better performance in the exam. These tests are mainly important for B.Sc. and M.Sc. students as Chemistry is a main subject of their academics. All the above test papers have been created by subject experts and professionals.

Chemistry is mainly divided into three parts, Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. This test series provides test papers for all the above chemistry subjects. Students can navigate to the specific category and click on the test to go directly to that particular category mock tests. Test papers are available for all the Chemistry topics and exams. Students, who want to study Chemistry online, can also find study material here and can appear for online tests to check their Chemistry knowledge and skills.

There are total eight test papers for each of the above topics and all of them are free. Students can practice the test and can check their results, but they will have to register if they wish to check the solutions. All the above test papers have been created and proofread by our chemistry expert professionals. Students, who score above 80% in the above exams, are assured to have good Chemistry skills. For any kind of query or exam related doubts, students and users are welcome to contact us. You can also interact with other users and share your exam experience through comments.